Peter Halley

13 February to 20 March 2010
541 West 24 Street


On 13 February 2010 the Mary Boone Gallery will open at its Chelsea location an exhibition of new paintings by PETER HALLEY.

A dynamic complement to the Gallery’s Fall 2009 exhibition of Halley’s more subdued works from the 1980s, this new group of works underscores the development of Halley’s disciplined approach to painting. Recurring symbolic forms of abstract geometry are continually re-composed and re-contextualized to conjure, through relationship of color, texture, and proportion, references as diverse as technology, systemization, music, popular culture and art history.

For each of the eight works in the exhibition, Halley configures one horizontal Prison positioned above another slightly larger Prison that rests on a ground traversed by a single Conduit. Rising and bending at right angles are Conduits that bypass, segregate, or connect the two Prisons. Conduits flush with the canvas edge and intricate color interplay – from closely-hued shades of red in one painting to varied DayGlo pastels in another – complicate the distinction between foreground and background.

The exhibition, at 541 West 24 Street, will run through 20 March 2010.Please contact Ron Warren at the Gallery if we can be of further assistance, or visit our website