Jacob Hashimoto

23 May to 27 June 2009
541 West 24 Street


On 23 May 2009 the Mary Boone Gallery will open at its Chelsea location an exhibition of new works by JACOB HASHIMOTO.

Jacob Hashimoto’s new work continues his longtime fascination with the intersections of painting and sculpture, abstraction and landscape. Each work in the exhibition is comprised of hundreds of small bamboo and paper kitelike elements. These kite elements are strung together in chains, and layers of these chains are stretched taught between short dowels that project from wall-mounted brackets, creating a densely layered and fragmented tapestry of image or pattern.

The elements forming these tapestries are a solid color of paper, or a complex, collaged pattern of multicolored cut paper. While the individual components remain more or less abstract, overall, clusters of pattern, stripes, or waves of color are formed, giving the works a pictorial quality that suggests organic forms, vistas, scrolling video games, or even board games. Hashimoto’s working method is very open-ended, allowing him to sample art-historical references, icons of the every-day, and mismatched narratives within each composition.

The exhibition, 541 West 24 Street, is on view through 27 June 2009. Please contact the Gallery if we can be of further assistance, or visit our website www.maryboonegallery.com.