Ross Bleckner

3 November to 22 December 2007
541 West 24 Street


On 3 November 2007 the Mary Boone Gallery will open at its Chelsea location an exhibition of new paintings by ROSS BLECKNER.

The uniting feature in this series of “Meditation” paintings is a leaf-and-vine motif that appears to float above the plane of the painting surface. At times whirling mandala-like around the center, then intertwined with broken blossoms, or, scarlet red, branching out like engorged veins, the dense entanglement conveys an ever-expanding life force.

Luminous gray backgrounds, shadows and faded phantasmal images of the foliage shapes complete the illusion of deep receding space. This prepossession with light and mortality – expressed through symbolic organic forms and painterly abstraction - is a theme that runs throughout Bleckner’s thirty-year body of work.

The exhibition, at 541 West 24 Street, will run through 22 December 2007. Please contact the Gallery if we can be of further assistance, or visit our website